The Benefits of User Experience Design

Dane Wesolko
3 min readJun 13, 2016

Customer satisfaction is an essential element to the success and longevity of any business. A happy customer will not only become a repeat customer they will become the best form of marketing and advertising businesses of all shapes and sizes can get. The benefits of applying user experience design to your business and its products or services are without a doubt worth their weight in gold. An increased user experience means greater customer satisfaction, reduced cost of ownership, and increased sales.

A happy customer is a returning customer. But not only that. A happy customer is your best brand ambassador and marketing agency all in one. Think about a product or service you use that you really enjoy. I can say with conviction that you most likely purchase that product or service on a regular basis. I will even go as far as saying that you may have even told someone about it. This is a direct correlation to user experience design. It shows that the company cares about the consumer and they have taken the time to make sure that any interaction is a pleasant one.

Cost of ownership is on the forefront of many internal accounting departments. The finance people don’t like running in the red and if something is costing tons of money they will be the first ones to point that out. Reducing the cost of ownership is another essential benefit of user experience design. If it is very easy to understand how to interact with a business or its products and services then less resources are needed in way of customer support staff and documentation.

Aside from helping to improve people’s lives and make things easier for them the number one reason many companies are in business today is to generate revenue. Because user experience design focuses on keeping the user’s wants and needs in mind the company can position itself to reap the rewards of their actions and align business goals with customer goals. Customer satisfaction raises, word of mouth marketing increases, and repeat sales are generated by loyal and happy customers.

In this brief video by Dr. Susan Weinschenk she covers those immediate benefits and educates business owners as to why the upfront cost of user experience design are valuable to the business in the long run.

The ROI of User Experience with Dr. Susan Weinschenk

As you can see user experience design is a very beneficial aspect to business development and customer satisfaction. Businesses of any size or shape can reap the rewards of their hard work by focusing their efforts on user centered design. Improving the user experience keeps customers happy. Therefore businesses are happier. If you have not already, consider implementing user experience design into your business. The significant up front costs can be justified and a return on investment can be measured.

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